Crisis Housing Assistance Program for people with a serious mental illness, Funded through the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), Adult Mental Health Division and Administered by The Arc Minnesota

The Crisis Housing Assistance Fund is a flexible pool of money to provide short-term housing assistance for persons with a serious mental illness whose income is being used to pay for an inpatient or residential treatment of 90 days or less.

The State of Minnesota identifies a serious mental illness diagnosis as one “that seriously limits a person's capacity to function in primary aspects of daily living such as personal relations, living arrangements, work, and recreation

The goal of this program is to help individuals remain in their home while seeking treatment for up to 90 days in a licensed facility.  Funding can only be used for current rent, utilities, garbage, water/sewer, and phone (up to $70 per month).  


Individual must be seeking treatment in one of the following capacities

o In-Patient or Residential Mental Health Care

o Inpatient or Residential Substance Use Disorder Care (must provide documentation of Severe Mental Illness)

o Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

The following must be included with your application:

Proof of income (screenshot of participants bank account information and the screenshot of direct deposit from employment, unemployment , SSI payment, SSDI payment, etc) with identifying information.

A budget detailing expenses and who to pay must be included when submitting an application.  

A letter from a medical professional or documentation detailing diagnosis must be provided with your application that the applicant is receiving treatment for a  serious mental illness who is receiving hospital level psychiatric treatment or Substance Use Disorder Treatment.

Crisis Housing Assistance Program-Release of Information (

Funds can only be used while seeking treatment.

Funds will not be paid directly to the applicant.  All payments will be made directly to the landlord, utility service or phone company.  You will need to provide information as to whom to pay, address and include account numbers for services.

Funds only cover the retention of the applicants current housing.

Once a completed application is received, you will be contacted.  

Payment will be made when eligibility is verified and all documents are submitted.

For more information or assistance, please contact:

Wendy Gerlach

Phone#: 952-915-3698

Fax#: 952-522-3604

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.